Yesterday, August 23, 2016, U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman reached a verdict in the authentication case against Peter Doig. He stated that Doig “could not have been the author of the work”, but rather in all likelihood Pete Doige created the piece of artwork. In reaching his verdict, Judge Feinerman mentioned that Doig was in high school in Toronto at the time when he was alleged to have been in prison, as evidenced by yearbook photos.

This verdict is great news for artists because it seems to keep artists as the final arbiters in determining whether a piece of artwork is their own. As a result, this allows artists to protect their brand from imposter pieces of artwork that individuals try to pawn off as the artists, in order to cash in on their brand. Most importantly, this will deter individuals from trying to bring such cases in the future, where a less fortunate artist may not have the means to protect their artwork and brand.